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Get immediate access to the Free Lifestyle Design Starter Kit, chalk full with resources and mini- workshops, and begin designing & upgrading your lifestyle today! 

Here is just a taste of what's inside:

  • ​​The Intentional Daily Planner: Design your dream life day-by-day with the intentional daily planner that helps create actionable steps for your goals, set your intentions, and schedule your day around self care.

  • 30+ Personal Boundaries Prompts: These personal boundaries prompts will help you reserve the space and time for those who matter, and enables you to spend your precious energy where YOU choose.

  • 30+ Morning Rituals: Start your day off in alignment and on track for success using these morning rituals. Pick and choose what resonates best with you to create your go to morning routine and watch the magic happen in your day!

  • Overcoming Your Fear: Using this fear exercise, you will process and act on the steps to overcoming your fear so you can level up and achieve the outcome you are working towards.


Shop our current rotation of a al carte workshops. You can also get instant access to everything we offer and everything you see below when you enroll the Your Life In Your Power membership for only $0.80/day!

Triple Your Time Toolkit

Snag the powerful Triple Your Time Toolkit and learn how to systematically save 3+ hours per day so you can finally have the time to do what you love, reach your goals in life and career, skyrocket your productivity, and live a balanced, organized, and 
profitable lifestyle.

Master Your Mornings

In this workshop, you will learn exactly how to design a powerful morning routine around your goals that will increase your happiness, boost your motivation, give you the results in life you really want, and beautifully transform your mornings, days, and
life for the better. 

The Goal Mapping System

Goal Mapping is a system that turns your goals into a strategic plan that you can execute easily on YOUR timeline. Learn how to step by step reach any of your goals with perfect strategy and ease, and without stress, overwhelm, and unecessary detours wasting your time as you go after what you want.

Business Design Accelerator

Ready to leverage your time and energy to get bigger, better results and more income with less effort? Learn how to redesign your business to reflect the CEO lifestyle and success you crave as you create a six-figure passive income strategy so you can finally spend less time working in your business and more time enjoying the money you're making on autopilot.

Design Your Mind Minicourse

Reset mindset programming that is keeping you from reaching your goals, gaining momentum, and ultimately experiencing the lifestyle you crave. Design your internal state for achievement, overcoming fear, eliminating mental blocks, and high self worth so you can position yourself to readily reach your goals and create your ideal lifestyle with ease. 

Complete Lifestyle Detox

Undergo a complete guided detox of the 3 key areas of your lifestyle: tasks, people, and behaviors, so that you can clear up the hours of time and loads of your energy that you have unintentionally been giving away to the unecessary or negative in your life. This workshop will lighten your life and give you space, time, and energy you crave,


Lifestyle Lab is a lifestyle design podcast featuring a mix of workshop style teaching and conversations with a diverse group of guests. We go deep with YLIYP Founder & CEO, Hannah McKeel Young, to talk candidly about a wide range of topics to help you ultimately design an enriching and authentic lifestyle.

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