3 Strategies To Calming The Chaos

No matter what time of year it is, we all go through seasons of feeling stressed out and neck deep in chaos.

Follow these three tips to help you calm the chaos and take control back over your life.

1. Perspective Shift

This mindset strategy can change your life.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your situation and like you are powerless and have no control, adopt the perspective that you have power over the situation, the situation does not have power over you.

This perspective will give you so much more confidence, and so much more clarity so you can take the action necessary to eliminate stressful or overwhelming situations from your life.

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2. Take a Break

One way that you can exercise having power over the chaos, instead of the letting the chaos have power over you, is to simply take a break.

Take a step back.

Take a breather.

Give yourself the space, time, and energy to truly enjoy your life!

Especially this time of year.

“Taking a break” look like saying no to a party because you’re feeling overcommitted and spread thin, or it could look like setting boundaries with people who leave you feeling negative after you spend time with them, or it could be as simple as planning down time into your busy schedule to kick your feet up and watch a movie with your loved ones.

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3. Maintain Your Routine

During a specially chaotic time in our lives, one of the first to usually go is our routine.

We feel like we need to abandon our structure in order to put out fires around us.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and your routine can vary day to day depending on the kind of job you have and the hours you work and your family obligations- but we all generally have still some routines in place, or positive daily habits that keep us going and fill our cup.

When you start to forgo your own structure and neglect your positive daily habits to tend to chaos, you’ve given the chaos power over your life that you should never give away.

Maintaining your daily routines and structures, especially the parts of them that make you feel the happiest, is one of the surest ways to maintain the calm over the chaos and of your life.

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