Staying In? Here's What You Need

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March is here, but Spring isn't the only thing that March brought along with it. Globally, we are staying in due to the Covid-19 outbreak. When will we get to go out again and socialize over cocktails in the warmth of Spring? Who knows. In the meantime, stay cozy at home with our March picks.

1. Espresso Maker (Under $100)

This is the same espresso maker that Walker and I have been using for well over a year. We are absolutely thrilled with it, and easily use it 5-6 times per day. When I was looking to purchase an espresso maker, I was looking for an affordable option to begin with just to make sure we would ACTUALLY use it and it wouldn't end up in the appliance grave yard next to our quesadilla maker and food processor.

Honestly, the reviews on Amazon aren't great (which is shocking), so take it from me when I tell you that this espresso maker is 100% worth every penny and has also saved us SO much money as we now make our lattes and espresso at home.

Not only that, but the convenience of having an espresso maker is so, so nice. It makes staying in a whole lot easier.

2. Nucifera: The Balm

When it comes to beauty and self care, this is a product that every person should have on their shelves. It's multipurpose. The Balm is a head to toe moisturizer, makeup remover, hair tamer, lip healer, belly butter, life simplifier and more. Gently apply to face, body, hair or anywhere that needs a little love.

I personally love using it as a hair and face mask, to take off my makeup, in my baths, and on my lips before bed. It smells (and tastes) delicious and is noticeably nourishing. Not only that, but the ingredients are natural, organic, and dermatologist tested.

3. Time Management Planner Book (Under $10)

Keep your days productive and time accounted for using this time management planner! This is a great tool to help you chunk out time blocks to help you accomplish more in your day and stay focused.

4. Matching Sports Bra and Legging Set

If you're going to be home, you might as well be comfortable AND put together at the same time! Wearing this cute, basic little number around the house will make you feel like you are dressed and ready for anything the day throws at you.

5. Pantry Organization

Nothing feels more luxurious than opening up a beautifully organized pantry. What better time to clean and organize your pantry than when you're at home and entering a new season?

6. Amber Glass Soap Dispensers

Quickly move your shower soaps and shampoos from the store bought bottles to these glass dispensers for an instant aesthetic upgrade + touch of luxury.

7. Faux Palm

Bring some life to your interiors with this very affordable, realistic looking faux palm. Instantly turns any room into an oasis.

8. Lulu Natura (100% Organic Soy Vegan Wax) Candle

It looks pretty, smells great, and is sure to set a mood in your home without burning unecessary toxins into your breathing air.

  • Non-Toxic: Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free.

  • Crafted using 100% biodegradable soy wax.

  • Hand-poured in the United States.

  • 100% pure organic essential oil aromatherapy candles.

  • This product is Vegan.

Now get to treating yourself! It doesn't take much just add a little intentional, simple luxury to your life. If we're going to be inside, let's make it a whoooole vibe, right? ;)


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