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The membership experience created for our global community of high achieving women.
With just a click of a button, you can access all of our workshops, trainings, and exclusive coaching to help you have, do, and be exactly what you want.


Systematically Reach Any Goal

Learn the step-by-step system to reach any goal in life and career so nothing is off limits to you, and you quickly achieve the outcomes you desire

Skyrocket Your Productivity

Become a master of balance and productivity so you can do more of what you need and want with less stress and overwhelm

Lighten your schedule, detox negative relationships, clear mindset blocks holding you back, and break old habits so you can clear the space for what you want to finally happen

Reclaim Your Time

Create more time in your life for your passions, relationships, business, family, and what matters to you most as you master setting boundaries, strategically clearing your schedule, saying no, prioritizing, planning, and more.

Live In Your Power

Get complete control of your lifestyle so you feel on top of your game and fully living your days the way you've always wanted to

Become Unstoppable

hey lady!

I'm Hannah McKeel Young, an industry leader in lifestyle design, serial entrepreneur, marketing pro, traveler, and the brain behind Your Life In Your Power.

Over the past three years, I have pioneered the modern way of lifestyle design for women centered around a systematic goal achievement process, establishing balance, maximizing productivity, gaining control, and increasing happiness in ALL areas of life!


Whether you’re looking to transform your life, or take it to the next level, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve supported thousands of women on their lifestyle design journeys through Your Life In Your Power and I’d love to work with you next!

If you’re looking for clarity, a step-by-step action plan, accountability and an incredible group of likeminded, ambitious women, so you can finally design a results-yielding lifestyle that is balanced, luxurious, productive, and authentically shaped to give your exactly what you want while becoming who you've always wanted to be,  click below to dive in and get started!



When you join YLIYP: The Lifestyle School, you'll get access to over $1,000 worth of workshops, bonus content and more for just $24 USD /month. If you’re ready to take your power back and design the life of your dreams, join us in Your Life In Your Power.  As a member, you have access to all digital workshops and resources ($1,000+ value), in addition to unlimited access to Hannah McKeel Young as your on-demand coach ($5000+) via the Voxer App.
We created the membership as a wallet friendly monthly plan in order to allow for your access to all of the content, coaching, community, & any improvements made over the course of your membership so you can benefit deeply from this lifestyle transformation at an affordable price point and with accountability to keep you supported along the way.

what is inside?

all of our full length workshops

Get unlimited access to all of our powerful self-paced and full length workshops when you join. Learn how to optimize your mornings, structure your evenings, master time management, design your business for more income on autopilot, and learn how to navigate goal mapping, setting boundaries, overcoming fear, and so much more

private on-demand coaching

Hannah is available for 24/7 private coaching using the walkie talkie app, Voxer, so you can ask questions, get support, bounce around ideas, and work through specific situations in your life

the lifestyle design framework

You will receive our entire step by step lifestyle design framework in 6 full length, work at your own pace modules packed with over 28 lessons, video / audio trainings, bonus resources, quiz questions, and more

"The steps are super easy to implement AND they are sustainable! I have been following her advice for some time now and knowing when to work and when to honor myself have been essential to my success. More time, more clarity and implementable productivity were the things I had so desperately sought and these are the things that I’ve been able to regain with Hannah’s lifestyle design program! I HIGHLY recommend you join this program. Take your life into your own hands and you will never look back!"



Get instant, exclusive access to the Signature Your Life In Your Power Framework with The Complete 4 Step Lifestyle Design System where you will undergo a complete lifestyle transformation and learn how to systematically reach any goal, detox what has been holding you back for years, create more time to do what you really want to do, and achieve the results you've always deeply desired. 

We designed our signature framework to guide you through, step by step, exactly how to redesign your life for incredible success and abundance. 

understanding the fundatmentals

Understand The YLIYP Framework in detail, learn exactly what lifestyle design is and how the practice of it will transform your life, get a grasp on your current reality, and set yourself up for success in this membership.

THe Internal Foundation

Reset mindset programming that is keeping you from reaching your goals, gaining momentum, and ultimately experiencing the lifestyle you crave. 

Work through these lessons to identify and move past the obstacles that are keeping you from the life you want.

"The fact that you can join such a powerful, life changing program for less than $1 a day is incredible. I have felt a HUGE decrease in stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion since Your Life In Your Power. This program and all the supplemental coaching and support helps you to design the lifestyle of YOUR dreams using an easy to implement system that works. Do it!"



Our quickly growing library of workshops teach you exactly  you optimize and design a variety of areas and situations in your life.  Our workshops include and are not limited to...

  • Triple Your Time Toolkit + Workshop Series: 3x Your Free Time and Live a More Balanced, Productive, & Profitable Life!

  • Morning Mastery Minicourse: Designing and Mastering A Morning Routine Around Your Energy Patterns & Goals

  • The Complete Lifestyle Detox: Eliminate the Negative, Unecessary, & Time Consuming, Master Healthy Boundaries, & Give Yourself a Clean Slate

  • The Complete Goal Mapping System: How to Reach Your Goals On YOUR Timeline With Ease

  • Design Your Mind Minicourse

"Hannah’s dedication is evident throughout this entire process. I’ve never been more excited to wake up in the mornings now that I have pure JOY and intent as I balance my multiple businesses and projects easier now than ever! I already feel so much more clarity and balance in my life with her clear, actionable steps. I have already seen big goals happen! I cannot thank her enough!"




Welcome to the leading source for education, resources, community, and consulting that empowers high achieving women to create well-designed lifestyles optimized for more balance, time, and results so they can have, do, and be everything they desire.